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We are creating sustainable living environments by building rapid build top quality modular passive timber houses. 

We can provide complete turnkey options, complete smart village options and our homes offer off-grid capabilities too. 

We can build houses ranging from 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed, 4 / 5  bed complete turnkey options. 

We can also customise any project to the needs of each customer, council or company that required quality and efficient houses.

Our construction team and partners have found a way to create real and affordable cradle to cradle buildings. Buildings that are made of renewable materials, and would last decades before being returned safely to nature after use. Buildings that would contain healthy, locally sourced materials and leave a minimal ecological footprint.

These homes are A rated top quality homes using AI technology to create homes with little or no running costs. The aim is to completely reduce the cost of living. They have solar panels and are bio based construction which is a top end solution that helps to make the house healthier for people and the planet. It’s the future of home building. 

Rapid Build Solution & reduction in CO2 Emissions

Our homes are faster to build, are customisable and reduces building waste by 52%. These homes have a 70% less carbon footprint than conventional buildings where waste to landfill is a major issue.

We can create an eco smart village that is a sustainable build using cutting edge technology. Our healthier homes are better quality using natural materials and are AI energy optimised buildings. We can even seasonally store energy and have AI optimised village solutions enabling each area or village to be as cost and energy efficient as possible. 

Award winning Company & products

Our partner is an Award winning European company who rely on Certified Quality and have more than 10 years of experience using a system that fulfills the highest quality requirements, including the Cradle to Cradle and the German Passivhaus Institute certificate. They were ranked 4th in the first-ever global Product Innovation Challenge by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute and received an Innovation Award 2019 for “Regionally available and renewable materials”. They have ran multiple projects across the EU and US over the last 10 years. The panels, which are made from FSC certified timber and straw, won the 2019 ASBP product Innovation Award. The system combines natural materials with a Passivhaus standard of fabric efficiency, to create comfortable, healthy indoor environments. The products even make an important contribution towards the circular economy in the construction industry.

The modular panel system, which is both structural and provides insulation, is appealing for its speed of assembly and quality control which far exceeds traditional construction. The panels are prefabricated in a factory under controlled conditions, allowing for very high precision. This gives exact price calculations and saves costs.

With each project we bring architects that are at the forefront of creating communities using AI, energy efficient sustainable homes. We will have civil engineers involved from the very beginning guiding us and a manufacturing facility that can create a complete village in 18 months or less. This will enable us to deliver one of the finest top quality and efficient products at affordable prices. These prices can enable our partners to create long term investment opportunities sustaining themselves and their communities for the next 30 to 40 years and longer.

Plant-Based Construction Fights Climate Change

Over the years,  our partners have developed a unique modular straw-based construction system. In the face of resource scarcity, straw is an ideal construction material. It’s renewable, largely available, and mostly has no other use.

On average, the panels used in construction consist of 89% straw and 10% wood. As forests play a major role in safeguarding our climate, we have designed our panels to use as little wood as possible – just enough for the system to be structural. The wood we use is FSC certified and the straw is a by-product of wheat or rye production.

We source our straw from local farms in the vicinity of the factory and the whole production process demands very little primary energy.

Our goal is to gradually set up local production in every country to be as close to our clients as possible, support the local economy and minimise transport-related emissions.

These smart homes will create communities either for social and affordable homes or for private buyers. 

We have a number options for our solution to get rolled out.

Limerick will be our first location in Ireland and we plan to roll this out across the country in every county.

As we mentioned these are rapid builds and each home can be completed in under 20 weeks. We can run multiple projects too creating options to deliver quantity of houses in various locations simultaneously.

We aim to be up and running in the next few weeks and are currently raising finance. Our plan is to then roll it out across the 26 counties over the next 18 months. We have earmarked Limerick because over 15,000 new dwellings are required in the coming 6 years. Our preferred deliver option is to work with County Councils, politicians and businesses to get this up and running. In Tipperary, Cork and Kilkenny we will bring in partners and other stakeholders on board and it may be something worth having a chat with you to see how you could help us and get involved. 

We are doing this because we want to create sustainable homes for people where they can live in a home for life while reducing the cost of living by reducing energy costs. Homes where people are warm, healthy and proud of. Homes that can be off grid and less reliant on macro and micro environmental factors. It will also help reduce homelessness,  help with the Ukrainian refugee crises, offer affordable options to keep our nurses, teachers, garda, and others in Ireland.

Plus we will create employment along the way. We plan to train and upskill people, especially Ukranian refugees, in constructing these homes so they have the option to help re-build there own country when the time comes. 

The huge plus here is that we have an opportunity to grow the timber, to grow the straw and manufacture here in Ireland. We can build Irish homes with Irish natural materials. We even have the opportunity to export these Irish products creating a potentially new Irish export product. That enables us to develop jobs, and a new product with massive export potential.

Its a win win for everyone as we have a number business models to suit county councils or businesses where they can purchase and create a long term investment for themselves or invest now and get a ROI in 24 to 36 months.  

In Ireland the housing and homelessness issues are only getting worse and we have the solutions. 

If you want to chat more please get in contact with either myself or Kevin or just let us know what you think.

Some Additional Information on the Products

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