Carbon Accounting

Endless Potential


Carbon Removal Credits. An opportunity for the Midwest and the Irish Farming community. 


Encourage Farmers to adopt greener practices and reward them with soil carbon credits, verified by third-party regulated technology, which can be sold to companies seeking to offset their own emissions.

Valuing Carbon Offset

We can value your emissions to so you can compensate other emissions made elsewhere

Judging Renewables

Renewables and reforestation are valuable tool on the way to becoming carbon neutral

Lifecycle Analysis

From upstream supply chain to direct production emission and end of life phase

About us

We provide verified, registry-issued carbon removal credits for farmers who increase soils’ carbon sequestration capacity through the implementation of sustainable farming practices, and sell them to companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Set this up in the MidWest and facilitate the MidWest becoming the carbon management and carbon removal hub and centre of excellence for Ireland.

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