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Frequently asked questions

Workflows allow certain tasks to follow certain actions. An example would be an email coming in from a client to a user. Instead of that user sending it on to others it can be automatically forwarded to a list of other users.

This can also be done for virtually anything: auto emailing, auto lead, contact and organisation creation, project task finishing just to name a few

It depends on the amount of users. We charge for two things: initial setup and per user usage. The initial setup takes time and effort to truly tailor to your business and we pride ourselves on making sure it’s perfect for you. We are then on hand for meetings and continual expert advice for the length of your support contract and the more users you have the more effort we have to pour in to making your experience the best possible.

Extremely. It is simple to understand because what you see is what you get. 

We created the system for a company with specific needs and we realised that we have the perfect product for EVERY company

Completely. You have the option to have all your data encrypted.

MOAS is a server and cloud based system that can automate and organise many of your business tasks. Contact Us

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